• Karishma Joshi

In the future...

The sky… the sky, the sky that I live under… the sky like my soul. The water… the sky, I have always wondered which one am I. I am indecisive, have always been. I always dreamt about living under the sky by the water where I paint in my house made of hard wood and cement, that tells you about my love for the nature. Is it my love for the nature though… would I cut wood... would we cut the trees to make our home? I paint and while I hear the sound of migrating goose from my open window with the white curtains flying in a rhythm of its own like water. I hear them every evening, it’s almost like an alarm reminding me that it’s time for the next thing, to wake up from my paint coma for the day. My home by the water here in Kamloops is my place to paint, space for peace, space to live free, breathe free.

As a child I started with my art by painting the sky in different colours. I wonder why. I wonder why we start from a particular thing and what it says about us, our existence and our ensuing life.

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